Now Yang Tian couldn't stand still, so he came to Baiyun City refugee registration point. Maybe we should talk to dad about Tiger son sometime. Elder Tan waved his hand and said with a smile, "then you should pay more attention to safety. If yo He dispelled the influence and was angry in his heart. These people are not afraid of voodoo. They can enter and leave at will in and out of the place full It's not necessary for Luobing to buy more than one or two shoes. "Bastard, don't you know it's in a meeting?" Lin Banyao was stunned for some reason and murmured to himself: "it's rare that he can go there Jack asked, looking down at the drought. Said the butcher with some self mockery. A faint voice, slightly provocative, Zhang Mengzhu and Yin Xu looked back at the sound at the same t "No, you leave it on the ground and it will recover." I don't know it's too late for the angels to land, and I don't have any support. Of course, it's all built on Xiaye, a place where heroes have a strong output. We're going t As a member of such a handsome, skillful and mysterious national organization, Shangguan Xu naturall It can be said that there was no fundamental difference between them before. At this time, I saw the purple Chen stretched out his hand toward the eyebrow, the next moment, a li A pair of eyes quite elegant, dark and deep, people like a spring breeze.

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