This Yang family master and Wu family master have been singing and singing, but when it comes to pay This time, he stood opposite to the patriarch of Shuiman clan and the opposite of Huangsha. It was p As the words fell, the soldiers and horses behind LV Lingqi began to rush towards the soldiers in fr Fortunately, the weather is getting warmer and it won't be cold to have a meeting in the garden. The two men on both sides of Chu yarou peeked at Chu yarou from time to time. Although they did not The field of slowing down speed is his biggest dependence. Now this reliance is gone. He really does Zichen came out from the transmission array, and there were dozens of people with him. After they chatted for a while, Li Zongren let them go back. Jiangzhou, Linyuan District, somewhere in the hotel. "Small pressure, still want to suppress me! I am Luoli, invincible Luoli! Give me a break!" She was shocked by Murong Yu's ability to hide. These guys are usually fed by me. It's just a little hearsay. It's really nothing! " The private feud between Qin lie and Somer attracted Ling Yushi and dark blue, who were also suspend Battle array attack, casting speed is fast, the most destructive magic is the first choice, so the f He said, "I have some things to deal with with with. I'd better wait for us to deal with them. L Suddenly, above the head of the head, the nine wheels of the sun directly crush the void, rolling ar Even the elders of the Yi God tribe changed their faces. With unconventional strength, and in the major battlefield lightning attack and kill, whether the de

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