"What is the situation in the holy city?" Originally, the arrival of vermilion caused quite a stir. What kind of relationship can't compare with the firm interest relationship! "That means we can bring more ammunition and more people." Seeing this, Ren Hai's anger rose suddenly. And since you can't hide the world trace on your body, it means that the other party should not Baochai finally opened her mouth, but she faltered and stammered. She was quite different from the m Since old Li Tou called his daughter out, it was even if they met. And the most terrifying thing is that in the blink of an eye, he has already rushed to the 70000 lad The magic dragon screamed, his head flashed, turned into a magic light and ran away. This woman is really fed up with poison in her mouth. Summer Ming just walked to the door of Xuan Ya Zhai and shook his head and sighed. Once it breaks through to the initial stage of vacuum, will it not be invincible in the vacuum? Qin lie, who is in a state of no thought, is suddenly captured by an unknown force from the zhenhunz "It's not the same as here. Come and have a look." After seeing the military order, Li Siam was immediately relieved of Zhou Yu's decision to appoi This time, nearly 20 people entered the first-class ancient road, and there were three people in the Tang Yu said, the body again a soft, and then because of severe pain, paralyzed on the ground.

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